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Newsletter No. 16,  April 2010

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What’s New

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2010

Pioneering Encyclopedia Now Available

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2010

The central ceremony marking Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day was held at Yad Vashem on April 11th in the presence of the President of the State of Israel, the Prime Minister, government ministers, dignitaries, survivors, children of survivors and their families, and the general public. A complete broadcast of the ceremony is now available for viewing.  Special commemorative events continued throughout the day. Immediately following 2-minutes of silence that brought the country to a standstill was the wreath-laying ceremony in Warsaw Ghetto Square.  Other special events included “Unto Every Person there is a Name,” a recitation of Holocaust victims' names in the Hall of Remembrance, the opening of a new exhibition, and a special ceremony for youth movements.

Pioneering Encyclopedia Now Available

Seventy years after the outbreak of WWII, most of the European ghettos have not been systematically researched until now. The first reference book of its kind, The Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos During the Holocaust gathers data from research studies, historical information, testimonies, photographs and documents to present the first comprehensive view of the ghettos in Europe. In addition to entries on more than 1,100 ghettos, the two-volume encyclopedia contains historical analyses of the term “ghetto,” critical discussions of the visual documentation presented in the Encyclopedia, some 250 photographs and 60 maps. An accompanying DVD contains film footage covering both the pre-ghetto era and ghetto life.  Copies may be purchased from the Yad Vashem Online Store. For details about a special book launch in New York City on May 13, contact Rgrossman@yadvashemusa.org at the American Society for Yad Vashem

Spotlight on the Web

Russian Language Website & YouTube Site Launched

New Online Exhibition
Monastir, the story of a Sephardic Community in Macedonia

Russian Language Website & YouTube Site Launched

Hundreds of photographs, tens of documents, video testimonies, scholarly articles, last letters and works of art are now part of a new comprehensive Russian language website. The attractive website, with its user-friendly interface, makes accurate information about the Holocaust easily available to Russian speakers across the globe.  The materials were carefully chosen to offer a broad picture of the Shoah while placing an emphasis on the events that occurred from 1941-45 in the Former Soviet Union.  A new Russian Language YouTube channel joins Yad Vashem's channels in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish that during 2009 alone recorded 200 million video views.

Monastir, the story of a Sephardic Community in Macedonia

A fascinating new online exhibitionlooks at the Jewish community of Monastir. Of the 3,351 Jews who lived there before the Germans invaded, only a few survived the Holocaust. Almost all the aspects of the Holocaust -- the various stories and possibilities are seen in the story of this small town. Moving testimonies form a particularly powerful medium for understanding this entire world that has been lost.  The voices of the survivors infuse our online exhibitions, historical narratives, teaching units and ceremonies with content and with meaning.  Many of them are gathered online in our Video Testimony Resource Center where they can be easily accessed by either topic or location.

Facebook Fans Reach 10,000
Facebook fans reach 10,000

Join Yad Vashem  and our friends on Facebook  for continuous update of events, access to educational resources and  a community dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance. A new album – Snapshots of Memory – showing special moments from Holocaust Remembrance Day on the Yad Vashem Campus is now online. Read our blog for a special insiders’ view of some of the different events taking place on the Yad Vashem Campus and interesting postings and articles.

Recent Events

Unique Exhibition Opens at Yad Vashem

Virtues of Memory: Six Decades of Holocaust Survivors

A new exhibition, “Virtues of Memory: Six Decades of Holocaust Survivors’ Creativity," showcases the creative works of nearly 300 Holocaust survivors whose artistic expressions of their Holocaust experiences and memories are housed at Yad Vashem.   Over the past 65 years, an incredible corpus of work has been amassed at Yad Vashem, offering a look at the myriad ways Holocaust survivors have struggled to express themselves artistically after the Holocaust. Joining memoirs, testimonies and film, these artworks form a formidable expression of the Voice of the Survivors. Never before has this tremendous body of work undergone comprehensive research, nor has it been presented in such a wide-ranging exhibition. The exhibition will be on display in the Yad Vashem Exhibitions Pavilion through April 2011.

Names Recovery

Nationwide Radio Campaign Bolsters Names Recovery
Nationwide Radio Campaign Bolsters Names Recovery

In mid-February a nationwide radio campaign was launched with Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev issuing a personal call to action to the Israeli public to commemorate the names of Holocaust victims they remember.  A new service offers personal assistance by volunteers who will visit survivors in their homes.  The successful campaign helped bring the importance of names collection to the forefront of public consciousness. Thousands of calls were received during the course of the campaign, and a call center manned by volunteers ensured that Pages of Testimony were sent out as quickly as possible. Click here to view a special news report on the campaign.

Highlights from the Newsroom

Some of the feature articles in the international press brought worldwide coverage to Yad Vashem activities and events are highlighted here:

A Powerful Visual Voice, Haaretz
Survivor voices, They are still speaking, soul to soul, the Jerusalem Post
Survivors show their art on Israel's Holocaust day, the Washington Post
Nazis Become Wolves, River Runs Red in Holocaust Survivors’ Art, Bloomberg.com
Art Exhibit Recalls Horror of the Holocaust, on AOL
Holocaust survivors present their art in Yad Vashem exhibit, in  Haaretz
El arte de sobrevivir a la barbarie nazi, El Mundo

With Your Support...

The Voice of the Survivors - Sponsor Survivor Testimonies

The Voice of the Survivors - Sponsor Survivor Testimonies

This year’s  theme for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day,  “The Voice of the Survivors,” compels us, the second and third generations, to listen to their stories and continue their legacy.  Their voices call upon all human beings to recognize the right of existence for all people, and the responsibility of each and every Jew to ensure the future of our nation.

In the wake of this years’ Holocaust Remembrance Day theme, many survivors have contacted Yad Vashem and asked to record their testimonies, for the sake of their children, their grandchildren and future generations.  In order to meet this need,  a special online campaign has been launched, asking you, our friends and supporters,  to sponsor survivors’ testimonies.

Recording a testimony costs only $775. To make your gift, please click here.
Your generosity will help us reach our goal to record more than 1,000 testimonies this year.
We cannot afford to allow even one story to remain untold.

Yad Vashem’s activities and programs would not be possible without the support of our many donors and friends. We welcome the ongoing partnership and visits from our friends and supporters:

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