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The Museum Complex

The Holocaust History Museum


At the Museum’s entrance, Michal Rovner has created a 10-minute video art display, portraying the Jewish world before the Holocaust, donated by the Clore Israel Foundation. This work, which is projected on the 13-meter high triangular eastern wall of the museum, takes the visitor on a journey into the world of ordinary people within their communities; a world now vanished. The shortage of good quality footage documenting Jewish life before the Holocaust made the video’s creation difficult. “The challenge was to recreate the atmosphere of Jewish life,” explains Rovner. “I took different film clips and blended them into one background, just as the Jews blended into the fabric of life in the countries where they lived.”

The works of Michal Rovner have been displayed in many venues, including a one-person show at the New York’s Whitney Museum. Rovner was also chosen to represent Israel at the Biennale in Venice.

"I Still See Their Eyes - The Vanished Jewish World" by Michal Rovner - archival material courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, YIVO, NARA, Beth Hatefutsoth, the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, Dr. Kati Peto, Mr. Peter Forgasch, the National Center for Jewish Film (Brandeis University), and the Netherlands Film Museum. "Facing the Loss"

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