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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

New Beginnings

Thousands of Holocaust survivors who were absorbed into Palestine - and subsequently the young State of Israel - encountered difficult conditions such as temporary housing and rationing. In 1948, the Israeli War of Independence broke out. Many survivors were drafted to fight the war upon their arrival in Israel. Hundreds fell in battle, some of them the sole survivor of a family that perished during the Holocaust. Under the harsh circumstances that arose, the survivors had to establish themselves in a new country that was still developing. Most of them discovered that people were occupied by their own grief caused by the war of independence and were not receptive to hearing about their unimaginable experience during the holocaust.

In the United States and western countries, survivors also encountered some of these difficulties in rebuilding their lives. They too found out that few people were not willing to hear of their experiences. In Europe, there were many problems regarding the restoration of property and the return of orphans to the Jewish community.

Nevertheless, the absorption of survivors into Israel and other countries gradually increased. Since the 1960s, and even more so since the 1970s and 1980s, there has been increased interest in and receptiveness to the testimonies of Holocaust survivors.

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