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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

Educational, Cultural, and Documentation Activities

The situation in which the German Jews found themselves in the 1930s drove them to develop a separate Jewish educational system for children and adults alike. They established cultural activities for all of Jewish society. At this stage, initial attempts were made to document the antisemitic Nazi policy. Throughout occupied Europe, and especially in the ghettos, the Jews tried to keep schools open and to pursue cultural activities despite the difficult conditions. In Warsaw, Lodz, and elsewhere, various attempts were made to produce comprehensive documentation of the lives of the Jews and of the Nazi crimes: clandestine archives were established, chronicles were kept, and additional documentation was gathered. Many individual Jews kept diaries and engaged in various efforts to leave some documentation of their fate.

Total Sources (by media type):

Artifact Collection 32
Diaries and Letters 7
Documents 4
Lexicon Entries 18
Photographs 38
Research 3
Testimonies 4
Works of Art 1
Total Sources 107