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The Holocaust

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Kristallnacht Pogrom, Causes and Consequences

The year 1938 saw a horrific radicalization of the anti-Jewish policy of the Nazi regime. The change began with the events surrounding the annexation of Austria to Germany (the Anschluss), which was accompanied by unprecedented attacks on the Jews of Vienna. This was followed by an exacerbation of the forcible confiscation of Jewish property ("Aryanization"). In October 1938, about 17,000 Jews of Polish origin were deported from Germany. This chain of events culminated in an outburst of violence against Jews throughout the Reich in November 1938. This became know as the Kristallnacht Pogrom, in the course of which 99 Jews were murdered. Following Kristallnacht, approximately 30,000 Jews were arrested and held in concentration camps - the first time that such arrests were made en masse. The incidents and the regulations that ensued were a heavy blow to Jewish life in Germany.

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