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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

Holocaust Survivors

Even after the liberation of Europe and the end of World War II, tens of thousands of Jewish survivors remained in concentration camps and in hiding. Some returned to their countries of origin; others felt that they could no longer remain on European soil. Survivors gathered in the Displaced Persons Camps (DP camps) in Germany, Austria, and Italy. Gradually, they were joined by many of the 200,000 Eastern European Jews who had found refuge in the USSR during the war and subsequently returned to Europe. During their stay in the DP camps , many survivors devoted their efforts to recreating meaningful lives for themselves. Many ,if not all, of their efforts were in preparations for emigration from Europe to new and productive lives elsewhere. Most of the camp residents developed a firm Zionist worldview, and the vast majority declared their intention of moving to Palestine. As the British Mandate in Palestine came to an end, and with the establishment of the State of Israel, nearly two-thirds of the survivors arrived in Eretz Yisrael. Others emigrated to Western countries as opportunities arose.

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