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The Holocaust

Insights and Perspectives from Holocaust Researchers and Historians


Professor Walter Zwi Bacharach Professor Walter Zwi Bacharach

The Protocols-Fueling Antisemitic Myths and Lies

Professor Walter Zwi Bacharach

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This lecture focuses on lies and myths as substance in every kind of antisemitism. These lies could be easily disseminated since, being prejudices rather than fact-based, nobody had to verify them.

The founding of the Jewish State has forced antisemites to change tactics. From that point on, they had to deal with a factual event and not with fictitious inventions. Slogans such as: “The International Jew”, “The Wandering Jew”, “Jewish World Domination” – all those myths that composed traditional antisemitism – have been shaken by new recognized historical facts. As a result, their antisemitic impact and effect have been weakened.

Even so, this lecture is aware that modern antisemitism around the world has not lost ground. All it asserts is that traditional antisemitism has had to change its content and its allegations against Jews and the State of Israel.

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