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The Holocaust

Marking 70 Years to Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa - Holocaust Survivors Remember

Mikhail Yablochnik

Mikhail Yablochnik Mikhail Yablochnik
Video  Watch Mikhail Yablochnik 's Testimony

When the German occupation began, together with the other Jews of Berdichev, Mikhail Yablochnik, who was born in the town in 1929, was forced into a ghetto.

On September 15, 1921 the local Jews, including Mikhail, were taken to the Shlemarka airfield. Mikhail succeeded in escaping from this murder site.

He returned home. There he learned from neighbors that all the members of his family had been killed. For three months he and an uncle were hidden by a local policeman. After that Mikhail wandered from village to village under an assumed identity.

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