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The Holocaust

Marking 70 Years to Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa - Holocaust Survivors Remember

Ekaterina Khazran

Ekaterina Khazran Ekaterina Khazran
Video  Watch Ekaterina Khazran 's Testimony

Ekaterina Khazran was born in 1925 in Sladkovodnoye in Ukraine. At the beginning of the war she was living with her family in the port of Mariupol, also in Ukraine. In October 1941 they were taken, along with the other local Jews, to Agrobaz, where they were to be killed.

Her mother and younger brother were murdered there along with many other Jews. Ekaterina, her father, and another brother, were put into a barrack for the night but they succeeded in breaking down the door and escaping.

After much wandering through villages under an assumed name, she was sent to perform forced labor in Germany. She remained there until the end of the war.

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