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Yad Vashem On One Clear Day. The Story of Jewish Wolbrom

Remembering Wolbrom

Commemorating their Names – the Pages of Testimony

Since the mid 1950’s Yad Vashem has been collecting “Pages of Testimony” – one-page forms submitted by survivors, family members or friends in commemoration of people who were murdered in the Holocaust. The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names contains 2168 records of victims who were born or who lived in Wolbrom. Here are some of their names.

Hershel Zvi Bidlowsky

Hershel Zvi Bidlowsky

Hershel Zvi Bidlowsky was deputy mayor of the town and lived the market square of Wolbrom. On the Page of Testimony his profession is described as philanthropist. Hershel Zvi Bidlowsky was shot in the forest near Wolbrom at the age of 62.

Hershel Bidlowsky was commemorated by his granddaughter, Rachel Lewy from Toronto, Canada.

The Weinryb Family

They were commemorated by their grandson and son, Yekutiel Varon (Weinryb), from Ramat Gan, Israel.

The Fishel Family

The Fishel Family were commemorated by the surviving son, Menachem Fishel, from Bnei Brak, Israel.

The Schaechter Family

The Schaechter Family was commemorated by their surviving son, Yitzhak Ben-Zeev (Schaechter), from Haifa, Israel.

The Frajdenrajch Family

Iser Frajdenrajch from Belgium, commemorated his mother and two brothers.

The Frajdenrajch Family was commemorated by the surviving son, Iser Frajdenrajch from Belgium.