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Private Tolkatchev at the Gates of Hell

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

Taleskoten, 1944Singing Girls, 1945The Savior, 1945One of the Nameless, 1944Lisa, 1945

One of the Nameless, 1944
One of the Nameless, 1944
Gouache, charcoal and crayon on paper

One of the many techniques the Germans used in order to dehumanize the prisoners was their sincere effort to erase all traces of individuality.  Assigning numbers to prisoners, and using this number as a substitute for a name, was an effective way to attain this goal.  In this painting one encounters a Polish prisoner identified by his number and red triangle with the letter “P”.  Tolkatchev has taken the liberty to blow up its size, to emphasize the humiliation of reducing one’s identity to a number.