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An Arduous Road

Samuel Bak - 60 Years of Creativity

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

Portrait with a Star, 1973Self-portrait, 1945The Family, 1974Star of David, 1976Under the Trees, 2001

The Family, 1974The Family, 1974
Oil on canvas

The terrors of the Holocaust nipped the growth of the Bak family in the bud and yet the painting “The Family” is filled with figures. They are not, however, portraits of biological relatives but figures collected and assembled from his own canvasses. In the absence of a real family, Bak embraced the figures as his own relatives. The survivors of the inferno, evident in the crimson clouds in the background of this “family photo”, are his family, with all their disabilities and all their awkwardness. Together, in a family embrace, they strengthen one another in a shared, powerful will to continue on the road of life.