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An Arduous Road

Samuel Bak - 60 Years of Creativity

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

Portrait with a Star, 1973Self-portrait, 1945The Family, 1974Star of David, 1976Under the Trees, 2001

Self-portrait, 1945Self-portrait, 1945
Sanguine on paper

The group of works Bak created at the Landsberg DP camp are surprising in their maturityexpressed not only in his artistic virtuosity, the confident placement of his water-colors, the bold ink lines, but – primarily – in his artistic treatment of unbearably difficult subjects. They are neither childish nor melodramatic. And, thus, in his self-portraits the child stares unswervingly at us – a child who at the age of ten already said of himself: “It was the first time I fully understood that nothing was going to be the way it had been.”