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An Arduous Road

Samuel Bak - 60 Years of Creativity

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

Portrait with a Star, 1973Self-portrait, 1945The Family, 1974Star of David, 1976Under the Trees, 2001

Portrait with a Star, 1973Portrait with a Star, 1973
Oil on canvas

The portrait of the elegant woman looking at us with a sad and piercing gaze leaves no doubt as to her whereabouts. Sewn on yellow scarf is the yellow Jewish Badge that ghetto residents were forced to wear. Once this is discerned, her sad look becomes self-evident – her dignity has been trampled, exiled from the realm of her cultural and temporal life. Yet despite the harsh conditions, she retains her femininity – a Polish lady, decked out in her finest: a hat, earrings, a scarf.