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An Arduous Road

Samuel Bak - 60 Years of Creativity

About the Exhibition

Portrait with a Star, 1973 Portrait with a Star, 1973
Oil on canvas

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

The exhibition “An Arduous Road: Samuel Bak – 60 Years of Creativity” was on display in the Exhibitions Pavilion at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority, to great acclaim. This retrospective exhibition of the works of Samuel Bak, curated by the Yad Vashem Art Museum, received rave reviews in the press, and attracted thousands of visitors during its three-month showing in Jerusalem. Samuel Bak, artist and Holocaust survivor, said of the exhibition: “This is the most significant exhibition of my works I have ever seen.”

Born in Vilna, he survived the war with his mother, while his father was murdered in Ponary. Comprised of artworks depicting 60 years of confrontation with the Holocaust, from his precocious paintings as a child at the Landsberg DP camp, up to his own unique language embracing elements of surrealism on the one hand and Jewish symbolism on the other, the exhibition is a tour-de-force of personal anguish transformed into the universal themes inherent in the Holocaust and its aftermath.

Curator: Yehudit Shendar, Deputy Director and Senior Art Curator, Yad Vashem Museums Division

Designer: Studio Art, Photography and Design, Ltd.