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The Story of a Transport

Selected Panels from the Exhibition

Resettlement of the Jews from HungaryAn old Jewish woman takes care of the little children on their way to the gas chambersRoll call in front of the kitchen buildingMothers and their children during the interval in the grove

Roll call in front of the kitchen buildingRoll call in front of the kitchen building


“Auschwitz is not only the paradigm of the Nazi concentration camp system, but also represents the depth of the abyss during the Nazi regime.”
Israel Gutman)

We say and write “Auschwitz”, but we actually mean a torture center, a terror which we cannot possibly conceive, the essence of evil and horror.

On May 26, 1944, a transport arrived in Auschwitz from the Carpathians. The train was packed with some 10,000 Jews.  All stages of this particular transport were photographed.

From May 15 through July 7, 1944, three trains arrived almost daily. In less than two months, 147 trains carrying 435,000 Hungarian Jews arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau.