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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
September 1939, A synagogue burning in Przemysl, Poland

September 1939

A synagogue burning in Przemysl, Poland

Before World War II, about 24,000 Jews lived in Przemysl. On September 14, 1939, the Germans occupied the city. Before they handed it over to the Soviets as part of the Nazi-Soviet pact, the Nazis killed 600 Jews. At least half of the victims were refugees from western Poland. On September 28, 1939 the Soviets took possession of the city. Sovietization ensued, and in April and May of 1940, 7,000 Jews were deported to the Soviet interior. When the Germans reoccupied Przemysl on June 28, 1941, some 17,000 Jews were living there. Only 300 Jews of those living in the Przemysl area in June 1941 survived the war. More about Przemysl...

Yad Vashem Photo Archives FA 300/165