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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
March 1946, The “Wingate” in Haifa port after its capture

March 1946

The “Wingate” in Haifa port after its capture

Pictured here is a British destroyer next to the illegal immigration boat “Wingate” in Haifa port. The boat was named after Orde Charles Wingate, a British officer who served in Eretz Israel and was called “The Friend”, because of his ardent support of Zionism and his military assistance to the Yishuv.  On 14 March 1946, as part of the illegal immigration to Eretz Israel ("Aliya Bet"), the “Wingate” sailed from Italy with 238 maapilim ("illegal immigrants")on board, mostly from Eastern Europe.  The maapilim intended to reach Tel Aviv and disembark on the beach, but the boat’s progress was blocked by British destroyers while still at sea, and brought to Haifa port.  From there, the maapilim were taken to the transit camp in Atlit.

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Yad Vashem Photo Archives 1095/8