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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
June 22, 1943 - Document ordering the seizure of the property of Klara Blechner, a Jew deported from Wuerzburg, Germany

June 17, 1943

Document ordering the seizure of the property of Klara Blechner, a Jew deported from Wuerzburg, Germany

On June 17, 1943, 64 of the remaining Jews in the German city of Wuerzburg were deported. 7 were sent to Theresienstadt and 57 were deported to Auschwitz. The document presented here is an order of that day, sent by the Gestapo to the head of the town of Trappstadt, to seize the property of one of the deported Jews, Klara Blechner. Klara apparently lived in one of the towns in the region, either Trappstadt or Koenigshofen. Klara is referred to in the document as Klara Sara, in accordance with the law passed in Germany a few years prior requiring that Jewish women add the name Sara to their names to facilitate their identification as Jews.

Wuerzburg, in the German State of Bavaria, had a Jewish population that numbered approximately 2,000 during the Nazi regime, which was only 2% of the city’s overall population. About two-thirds of the city’s Jews worked in trade, and they established flourishing communities throughout the district. The Jews of Wuerzburg supported numerous charity organizations, and the Zionist movements, in particular the youth movements, were highly active in the city.

From the beginning of the Nazi rule the city’s Jews were attacked, and they suffered both personal injury and damage to their property. On Kristallnacht the Jewish community was dealt a heavy blow when approximately 300 Jews were deported to concentration camps. About 1,400 German Jewish refugees and exiles made their way to Wuerzburg.

Jews from the region were deported to Wuerzburg even before the “Final Solution” began. At the end of 1941, approximately 1,200 Jews were deported from Wuerzburg to the Riga Ghetto in Latvia. Throughout the following year practically all of the remaining Jews in Wuerzburg were deported to the Lublin district in Poland and to Theresienstadt.

After the deportation of June 17, 1943, only 29 Jews remained in Wuertzburg. These Jews were protected from deportation as a result of their marriages to Aryans.

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