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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
The Educational Committee at the Mizrahi Conference, Staszow, Poland

January 1919

The Educational Committee at the Mizrahi Conference, Staszow, Poland

The photograph features the members of the Educational Committee who participated in the Mizrahi conference in January 1919 in the town of Staszow, Poland. Before the outbreak of World War II, some 4,800 Jews lived in Staszow, in southern Poland, constituting more than half the town’s population. Between the two world wars, Zionist activity in Staszow reached its peak. Mizrahi was the first Zionist party in Staszow, and remained one of the largest and most active amongst the many Zionist parties in the town. Members of the Mizrahi party were very active in the fields of education and culture. Amongst other things, they supported the community Talmud Torah, established a modern heder offering both Jewish and secular studies, and opened courses in Jewish studies for the community’s girls, nearly all of whom studied in Polish schools.

In November 1942 and January 1943, almost all the Jews of Staszow were sent to the Belzec and Treblinka extermination camps.

This photo is one of a collection of 113 photographs of Staszow, taken before, during and after World War II.

Yad Vashem Photo Archives, 737/54