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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
February 1943, Yehezkel and Gucia Szyper and their rescuer, Fernande Vraux

February 1943

Yehezkel and Gucia Szyper and their rescuer, Fernande Vraux

In the right-hand photograph are 13-year-old Gabi Gucia Szyper and her brother, Charles Yehezkel Szyper, aged 3. During the Holocaust, they were hidden in the home of Fernande and Henri Vraux, in the village of Gaurain-Ramecroix near Tournai, Belgium, where they both stayed until March 1946. 

In the second photograph (left), Yehezkel is in the arms of his rescuer, Fernande Vraux.

Seeking a hiding place for their children, Gucia and Yehezkel’s parents, Yitzhak Haim and Hanna Szyper, brought them to the Vrauxs, a Christian couple.  Yizhak Haim and Hanna Szyper perished in the Holocaust, as did Gucia and Yehezkel’s siblings Haya and Naftali. Gucia stayed in Belgium after the war, while Yehezkel immigrated to Eretz Israel, where he fell in battle the Six Day War.

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To view Pages of Testimony submitted in 2000 by Gucia Szyper in memory of her parents and siblings, click here:
Father: Haim Yitzhak
Mother: Hanna
Brother: Naftali
Sister: Haya

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Yad Vashem Photo Archives, 5784