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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
February 1943, The “Tehran Children” arrive in Eretz Israel

February 1943

The “Tehran Children” arrive in Eretz Israel

The photograph shows a group of “Tehran Children”, who reached Eretz Israel in February 1943, coming off the train.  At the outbreak of World War II, some 300,000 Jews left Poland and fled eastwards, into the Soviet Union.  Some migrated to Siberia, while others reached the Soviet republics in Central Asia.  Thousands of children lost their parents in the course of this arduous journey.

In 1942 an agreement was signed between the Polish government-in-exile and the Soviet government, authorizing the emigration of some 24,000 Polish soldiers and refugees from Soviet soil.  From April to August 1942, the refugees were brought via the Caspian Sea to Tehran, which was under British rule.  Amongst the refugees were some 1000 Jewish children, mostly orphans, and 800 Jewish adults.  Once in Tehran, the adults established an orphanage with the active aid of the Jewish community.  In January 1943, after immigration permits and a ship had been obtained, the Jewish children and their escorts sailed to Karachi, Pakistan, and from there to Suez, reaching Eretz Israel by train on 18 February 1943.

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Yad Vashem Photo Archives, 4892/82