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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
February 1934, Eretz Israel Exhibition in Berlin, Germany

February 1934

Eretz Israel Exhibition in Berlin, Germany

In the photograph is a model portraying two different periods in Eretz Israel: a typical home in Tel Aviv in 1934, and ten years earlier.  This model was part of an exhibition of photographs, archeological displays, coins and models of kibbutzim organized by the Zionist Federation of Germany, and displayed in Berlin for 10 days during the month of February 1934.  Some 20,000 people visited the exhibition.

This photograph, published in the Jewish newspaper IF on 22 February 1934, is part of the Sonnenfeld collection, which, inter alia, documents Jewish life in Germany before the war. 

Herbert Sonnenfeld was one of the Jewish photographers fired from their jobs in 1933 with the rise of the Nazis to power.  Several of these photographers, Sonnenfeld included, worked for Jewish organizations within the National Representation of the Jews in Germany. 

The Yad Vashem Photo Archives has more than 2000 photographs by Sonnenfeld that document the activities of the National Representation of the Jews in Germany, including photographs he took in the pioneer Jewish youth training camps (hachshara) in Germany, and on his trip to Eretz Israel.  This photograph was one of a series of pictures of training activities, photographs documenting a model of settlement in Eretz Israel.
Sonnenfeld immigrated to Eretz Israel in the 1930s, where he continued his career in photography.

Yad Vashem Photo Archives, 5409/1538