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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
December 1944, Hashomer Hatzair activists in Bucharest, Romania

December 1944

Hashomer Hatzair activists in Bucharest, Romania

Pictured here are a group of activists from the Hashomer Hatzair movement at a national seminar for group leaders in Bucharest, Romania in December 1944. The Zionist youth movements played an important part in the educational system in Romania during the war years and many of their graduates who survived the war immigrated to Eretz Israel. Between September 1940 and January 1941, the Zionist movement was forced underground, but in early 1941 it was permitted to hold cultural events. Training farms functioned on the outskirts of Bucharest. The Jews of Bucharest were saved from extermination in August 1944, after the dictator Ion Antonescu was arrested by the king and Romania’s alliance with Germany was broken. Adolf Eichmann, who had intended to come to Bucharest to begin deporting the Jews, was forced to cancel his trip, sparing the lives of the city’s Jews. More about Bucharest...

Yad Vashem Photo Archives 4559/10