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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
December 1944, Children from Transnistria in Bucharest, Romania

December 1944

Children from Transnistria in Bucharest, Romania

With the German defeat at Stalingrad and the harsh losses of the Romanian army at the front, the Romanian government realized the war was turning against the Germans and sought ways to approach the Allies and pull out of the war. This shift had major ramifications upon their policies towards the Jews. They removed many of the bureaucratic impediments in the path of Romanian Jewry that prevented them from sending help to the Jews in Transnistria. Additionally, the Jews in Romania were able to reestablish connections with the various ghettos of Transnistria.

On November 12, 1943, the Romanian government allowed for the return to Romania of Jewish orphans under the age of twelve, which after deliberations was raised to 15. On February 15, 1944, the final orders were issued, which allowed 1,884 Jewish orphans who had gathered in Mogilev-Podolsk and Trispol to return to Romania. The children were brought to Iasi, from where they were sent to various communities in Romania.

Yad Vashem Photo Archives 100DO6