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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
December 1943, A Hanukkah celebration in the Lodz Ghetto, Poland

December 1943

A Hanukkah celebration in the Lodz Ghetto, Poland

Lodz was home to 223,000 Jews on the eve of World War II. From the beginning of the German occupation in 1939, the Jews of Lodz were subject to periodic expulsions. A ghetto was set up in February 1940. From January to May, 1942, 55,000 Jews were sent to their deaths in the Chelmno death camp. From September 1942 until May 1944 there were no more deportations. After May, the deportations to Chelmno were renewed. In early August, the Nazis rerouted the deportations to Auschwitz. By August 30, 1944 about 70,000 Jews from Lodz had been sent to Auschwitz. More about Lodz...

Yad Vashem Photo Archives 4062/416