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Yad Vashem This Month in Holocaust History
April 1945, A survivor from the Penig Concentration Camp, Germany

Back of the photograph

April 1945

A survivor from the Penig Concentration Camp, Germany

This photo taken by the U.S. Signal Corps shows an American military surgeon assisting a survivor from Budapest in the Penig Concentration Camp in Germany, April 1945. The camp was situated in the town of Penig, south of Leipzig, Germany. The photograph was taken immediately after the liberation of the camp and was distributed by the American Army.

The text below appears on the back of the picture:

Another concentration camp: at Penig
Jewish Women from Budapest Found Starving
Censor No. 407899
“Corpses still alive and walking around” – This is how our cameraman describes 68 women, all Jewish, all from Budapest, mostly from cultured families there, who were found by the 3rd Army at the concentration camp at Penig. They were mercilessly starved and worked to death in a German airplane parts factory. The Americans immediately took over a Luftwaffe hospital and made the personnel to take care of these miserable skeletons until they recover.
Keystone photo shows: the divisional surgeon helps a woman to the ambulance.
Scherman/pool/life/F.Keystone 490047

Yad Vashem Photo Archives, 4977/48