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Yad Vashem “Let The World Read And Know” The Oneg Shabbat Archives

“Let The World Read And Know”

The Oneg Shabbat Archives is the most signficant collection of sources in the world documenting the Holocaust - sources that were created, gathered, and written by the victims themselves, in real time, at the moment when they were experiencing the horrors. The Archives is comprised of diaries and notes, memoirs, photographs, clandestine newspapers, monographs, letters and more - all of which are of inestimable value in the study of the living conditions, the creativity, the struggle and the murder of Polish Jewry.

The Archive was named by its founder and director Emanuel Ringelbum. Ringelblum historian, teacher, social activist and visionary gathered together writers, teachers, cultural leaders, scholars and communal workers. They met secretly on Saturday afternoons - hence the name Oneg Shabbat (Sabbath pleasures). With Ringelblum’s leadership and guidance, the members of Oneg Shabbat, under unimaginably adverse conditions, provided the documentation and research of that tragic period as well a repository of the spiritual heritage of the generations murdered with such cruelty.

In “Let The World Read and Know” we are given a glimpse of the workings of Oneg Shabbat and Emanuel Ringelblum through:

  • The moving images on film that visually tell the story of Oneg Shabbat.
    To view: click here
  • The poignant words of Warsaw Ghetto survivor and world renown Holocaust scholar Prof. Israel Gutman. To view: click here
  • Some of the photos, documents, journals, diaries that were preserved by burying them throughout the ghetto. To view: click here