Over the period of Cecilia’s activity, the Jews receiving the packages were deported from their homes. The women started to send these packages in their footsteps to Theresienstadt, Westerbork, Andrzejow forced labor camp, near Lodz and the Warsaw Ghetto. Packages were also sent to Amsterdam and various locations in France, and the common destination of each package was a family in dire need.

Postcards from Rosa and Ascher Mayer        Postcards from Rosa and Ascher Mayer

Ohlendorf d. 21/3/43

To the Jewish community of Copenhagen

I ask to please locate and hand over this package to the Frenkiel Home, whose address I am unaware of. Dear cousin let me notify you that I am at work 18 months already and haven’t had any message from my family... may I ask you to help me I am without clothing underwear coat a pair of shoes a 29 and if it is possible may I ask you some food provisions I believe you will fulfill my wish for which I thank you in advance I am the son of Aron Szlamowiez I send my hearty regards your cousin...

Absender: L. Szlamowiez
Ohlendorf- Andrzejów
Kreis Litzmannstadt