Hamburg, 21st December 1941

Dear Ms. Pels and dear Ms. Kunstadt,

Hamburg, 21st December 1941 With gratefulness we have received your last package. Friday evening we provided an excellent soup with it and furthermore sausage with a mash of potatoes. Soon we will have green cabbage with meet, for which we all are eagerly looking forward. Every time when we're eating these fine things we are thinking of you, you who are the dear donator of these delicacies. At Hanukkah we received the bonbons we desired and received everything as far as possible. Also a magician came. Every time we tried to prove him that everything was a fake, but we didn't succeed. After the event he was very weary. When we wanted to have a look at his equipment he disallowed it. Since we are in Papendamm we always play table tennis but we would prefer being in the running trench. In school we are now only very few children and four classes were laid together, therefore we don't learn as much anymore. Did you, dear Ms. Pels and Ms. Kunstadt, also enjoy Chanuka? Do you also know the children of the teacher Mr. Katzenstein? They too live in Kopenhagen.

Mr. Katzenstein is still at our place. Unfortunately today is the last Hanukkah evening, all evening during the Hanukkah week we played Gods Blessing at Cohen and hammer and bell. Madam Cohen gave us money to play. Many people of the congregation visited us - including director Jonas. Do you know already that Manfred Norden got engaged? To sister Margarethe? We also made madam Cohen a favor as the group of little schoolchildren gave her a carnation (Nelke) and the big ones a "Fleissiges Liesschen" as a present.

Dear Ms. Pels and Ms. Kunstadt, hitherto the children dictated the letter, now I want to declare my gratitude first of all, I can't even express it, how affecting I find it from all of you, to care so much for us. Due to this the Hanukkah feast was extraordinarily neat, and at the dinner we even celebrated you, so that your ears must have clinkered on the evening when we consumed our feast dinner. If you knew how poor in enjoyments our life nowadays is, then you could profoundly well understand how your packages brought joy to us. The children are not even able to express their joy and gratefulness by letter; you would need to see their radiant children-eyes when delivering the presents to them. And again and yet again I have to emphasize that also we adults pasture ourselves in such a rare pleasure, our overall thanks you should know in all conscience.

Many warm greetings and again deep thanks.
Hildegard Cohen