Hamburg, 28 September 1941

Dear Mrs.Pels,

Hamburg, 28 September 1941 In the name of the whole Paulinen Foundation we would like to thank you warmly for your generous gifts. You can’t imagine the pleasure you gave us with them. It was all very delicious and a real feast for us… So many people have promised already to send us something, but none of them have kept their promise. That’s why we are particularly grateful to you! Hopefully you are enjoying the holidays. In the hope that you and your relatives are well, we remain in deepest gratitude,


Regina Wolfson
Inge Weiss
Claere Meier
Hilde Futter
Inge Polak
Hanni Bernstein
Inge Salomon
Vera Cohn
Karla Ganser
Ruth Geistlich
Helga Bielefeld
Esther Ascher
Inge Rosenthal
Regina Rothschild
Gerda Rosenthal
Sigrid Dettmann
Margot Prenski

Ines Spitz
Miryam Rothschild
Henni SamsonSenta Valk
Rosa Beutel
Friedel Cohn
Mela Koenig

Dear Mrs.Pels,
Also we - the caretakers of the Paulinenstift,
enjoyed the gifts you sent greatly and would
like to thank you warmly for them.

Hildegard Cohen
Alice Gramm
Gerda Oppenheimer
Margot Hofmann
Edith Kugelmann