Among the many thank-you letters were several from the Paulinenstift Orphanage in Hamburg. The letters express the staff’s and especially the girls’ happiness in receiving the packages, which enabled them to celebrate and enjoy Hanukkah and receive extra food portions as their meals were becoming smaller and smaller. The staff members and the girls individually signed these letters.

Hamburg, September 24, 1941

Dear Mrs.Pels,

Thank you so much for the beautiful parcel – we ate it on Rosh Hashana eve and it tasted delicious; that was really a tasty parcel.  We also heard the blowing of the
Shofar and we wore our most beautiful clothing. Many new children have joined us and we want to tell you what their names are: Wolfgang Emanuel, I’m 5 years old, Marion Emanuel, I’m 5 years old, Rosi Lanzer – I am also 5 years old, Irmgard Valk, 5 years old, Konrad Garcia, am 4 years old: Me you must still know - once you gave all of us a windmill; Elchanan Jarezki, I’m 4 years old, Simmy Beutel, am 4 years old, Heinerle Leviesohn, am 4 years old, Hella Buenger – am 3 years old, Zita Feldmann, am 2 ¾ years old and Dani Kroner, I’m 2 years old -  the youngest of all. These are all the children. In the summer we went on beautiful excursions; we were in Blankenese at the beach und went swimming. Once we went cranberry picking in the forest. We also picked heather flowers. Once the big children made an excursion, so we drove to Hausbruch to pick berries. Aunt Alice was on vacation so we went to visit her. We also saw chickens. 3 kids left for school after the summer vacation so we undertook a farewell excursion to Neugraben. We bravely climbed up the mountains. On another occasion we went on a really very big excursion in which the youngest children (“Hasen”), schoolkids and caretakers (“Tanten”) joined in and we hiked all day long.

Many regards from all the children.

Dear Mrs.Pels,

We wanted to thank you as a start and that is why we sent the card in advance; there wasn’t enough time to have the children write before the holidays but now they can tell you themselves how delicious it was.
There is something I must tell you, namely that we aren’t merged with the boys’ orphanage; surely you heard about such plans, at the time there was talk about it, but luckily it didn’t work out. I assume you were informed since the card was sent to the Papendamm.

I wish you an easy fast and warmest regards,
Your Alice Gramm