Hamburg 13
Grindelallee 178/1

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Pels,

David and Ketty Goldschmidt. Yad Vashem Photo Archive 9135/1 Since I have heard so often of how wonderfully you remember and delight your friends with loving gifts, I allow myself to ask you if you could send us some meat products for the festivals. At the same time I would also like to send you greetings from Mrs. Jenny Hesse who lives with us. Last week she was released after seven weeks in the hospital and still needs a lot of care. Also Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cohn of Altona, Hochstrasse 50, send their best regards. They haven’t received anything from you up till now and would be very happy if they could receive something for the festivals. My husband David Samson G. has previously signed letters to you but he has never brought himself to ask you personally for something. Therefore I have taken it upon myself and I hope you don’t mind. Also I wish you pleasant holidays and greet you with best thanks in advance, also from my dear husband,

Ketty Goldschmidt