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Yad Vashem Homepage Felix Nussbaum
Shore at Rapallo, 1934
View of Ostende with Boat, 1935
The Backyard at the Rue Archimède, 1938
The Great Disaster, c.1939
The Refugee, 1939
Above the Roofs, 1940
Still-life with Mask, Glove, and Football, c.1940
Camp Synagogue, 1941
Portrait of an Unidentified Man, 1941
Above the Roofs, 1940
Above the Roofs, 1940
Gouache on paper
70,5 x 55,4 cm

Above the Roofs, 1940

In this view of rooftops and chimneys, a clothesline is visible, hung with two black gloves. In the background, the branches of treetops can be seen. This is the view that Nussbaum saw from his studio on Rue Archimède in Brussels. The inability to move freely led Nussbaum to paint a number of views from his studio while in hiding, perhaps as way of compensating for his lack of freedom.

Gift of Roger-David Katz and his wife Louba Moscicka, Brussels
In memory of Yitzhak Tabolicki and his wife Guitele Katz; Leon Katz, his wife Irene Temkin and their daughter Esther; Lazare Goldstein, his wife Mala Katz and their children Harry and Dora; Eva Katz and her family; Nathan Schwartz and Feigl Moscicka and her children.