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Yad Vashem "To Live with Honor and to Die with Honor"

Religious Observance

The Jews found themselves in a continuing cycle of increasing suffering. According to testimonies, many Jews did wrestle with issues like faith and divine providence but were able to maintain their beliefs and endeavored to observe a religious way of life, despite the harsh conditions. Some Jews were overwhelmed by the suffering and could not keep up the struggle to observe the commandments. In some instances, Jews who had no prior connection with religious practise, adopted various degrees of Jewish observance.

Samuel David Grosman studying the Talmud in the Lodz Ghetto. Samuel and his wife Chana both perished in the Lodz Ghetto in 1942. A Page of Testimony submitted in his memory to Yad Vashem by his daughter is attached Chanukah menorah being lit in the Westerbork transit camp in December 1943 Members of the synagogue choir in the Cracow Ghetto 1942 Jewish man bending over Torah scroll in the Lodz Ghetto Dedication of Torah scroll in the Lodz Ghetto Iasi, Romania - The Rabbi of the city carries a Torah scroll on his way to a deportation train