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Their Legacies Remain…

The Reznik Family

12 family members of brothers Avraham and Moshe Reznik, photographed on the eve of the departure of Avraham's son Yitzhak to Eretz Israel. Yitzhak emigrated in January 1938 and joined the youth village in Ben Shemen. Moshe and his nephew Dov-Beretzke (Avraham's son) survived as partisans and emigrated to Eretz Israel after the war. Everyone else in the photograph died during the Holocaust. Place the cursor on the individual to see his/her name.

Courtesy: The Association of Former Mir Residents

Top row, left to right: Zimel, Dov, Yisrael, Rachel and Berel Reznik.
Second row, left to right: Elinka-Eliyahu, Avraham, Chasia, Yitzhak, Esther, Moshe and Melech Reznik.

אברהם Reznik בערל Reznik זימל Reznik חסיה Reznik-קלצקין ובניה מלך ואליהו ישראל Reznik רחל איסקולסקי-Reznik ובתה רוזה'לה

This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of:

Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany works to secure compensation and restitution for survivors of the Holocaust.

Since 1951, the Claims Conference - working in partnership with the State of Israel - has negotiated for and distributed payments from Germany, Austria, other governments, and certain industry; recovered unclaimed German Jewish property; and funded programs to assist the neediest Jewish victims of Nazism.

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Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The Foundation in Memory of Mir Jewry in Belarus