Bearing Witness: Stories Behind the Artifacts in the Yad Vashem Museum Collection

A Shattered World

Many artifacts in the collection are remnants of the cultural life of Jewish communities that flourished for centuries and are no more. Some tell stories of families who were uprooted, expelled from their homes and scattered across the globe.

The varied items serve as silent memorials to the rich Jewish heritage that thrived until the Holocaust swept through Europe, Africa and Asia destroying the fabric of Jewish society.

A blanket that the Druks family used to cover themselves at night. During the day it served as a sack to quickly transport their belongings when they travelled from place to place
Flight Through Uzbekistan and Iran
Moshe Matza’s Circumcision set. The kit includes socks for the baby. According to his granddaughter, “grandpa wanted each baby to be properly dressed for the festive occasion and thus he kept a pair of socks for the babies whose parents were too poor to afford socks for the baby.”
Preserving the Traditions of an Ancient Community
A Memorial to the Lives of the Zigman family from Vienna
Affirimg Life: A Memorial to the Lives of the Zigman family from Vienna
Plundered Torah Finials Restored
Plundered Torah Finials Restored