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The International School for Holocaust Studies

International Programs

How To Teach The Holocaust

Seminars for in/formal educators in Jewish frameworks at the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Do you work in a Jewish framework?
Are you looking to develop skills in Holocaust Education?

The International School for Holocaust Studies has developed a special course to enable educators to acquire the necessary skills to teach Jewish students about our history and the meanings of the Holocaust for the present and the future.

Our Seminars include:

  • Workshops on adapting and creating age-appropriate and multi-disciplinary materials, programs, and memorial ceremonies
  • Lectures from world-renowned researchers, authors, and university professors
  • Addressing antisemitism and Holocaust denial both in and out of the classroom
  • Meeting educators from across the Jewish world, developing networks

Hundreds of graduates throughout the Jewish world utilize our proven pedagogical methods.
Teachers, Community Leaders, Program Directors, Rabbis, Educators, and Youth Group, Camp, and College Directors are invited to attend.

"How To Teach The Holocaust" seminars are heavily subsidized to enable maximum participation and outreach.

For more details or to receive an application form, email specifying "Jewish Educator Seminar" in the subject box

World Jewry Division

The Holocaust was an unprecedented episode in the history of the Jewish people and an unmatched event in the history of the world. The challenges for proper Holocaust Education for the Jewish people are vast.

Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) has recognized that the challenges to employing the proper educational methods and pedagogical resources are immense. Therefore, it has developed a unique educational philosophy: an innovative age-appropriate and interdisciplinary method for teaching the Holocaust, geared toward the cognitive and emotional age of the student. This dynamic approach not only builds bridges to the Jewish past by examining the historical narrative via personal stories and testimonies, but also promotes universal humanistic values grounded in Jewish ethics.

Yad Vashem’s philosophy builds an understanding of the Holocaust as an integral factor that can be incorporated into the enormity of Jewish identity and memory.

Recognizing that Jewish educational institutions can greatly benefit from this approach, the ISHS dedicates an entire division to professional development in the Jewish World.

World Jewry Division - Professional Development

Meeting the Needs of Jewish Educational Institutions Worldwide
  • Seminars, Workshops, Educational Trips, and Materials for Jewish Educators
  • Video Conferences with Holocaust Survivors and Leading Scholars
  • Online Community Forums and One-On-One Consultation with Experts
  • Curricula, Lesson Plans, Programs, Activities, and Online Courses
  • Video Testimonies, Databases, Encyclopedias, Art Exhibitions, Maps

Our division has created a comprehensive learning experience beyond traditional seminars, so that lessons learned and experience gained can be translated into practice in classrooms around the globe.

Local On-Site Training

The International School is able to accommodate teachers’ busy schedules by providing tailor-made short seminars, lectures, and training sessions in schools and institutions around the world. In this way, Yad Vashem is able to provide practical pedagogical resources that are specifically customized to educators’ needs.

"How To Teach The Holocaust"
In-Depth Courses in Israel for Educators

The International School for Holocaust Studies offers subsidized seminars for Jewish Educators from both formal and informal frameworks. Community Leaders, Program Directors, Rabbis, Educators, and Youth Group, Camp, and College Directors are invited to attend (see box).

The seminars deal with issues such as:

  • Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy on Holocaust education
  • Current issues in Holocaust research and education
  • Jewish life in different European communities before the war
  • Historical overview of the Holocaust
  • Antisemitism and Holocaust denial
  • Multi-disciplinary and age-appropriate pedagogical units
  • Intergenerational transmission of Holocaust memory
  • Holocaust education and technology

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