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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Seminars for European Graduates







About The Seminars

Our network of European graduates committed to promoting Holocaust education continues to expand. The Department is designing special follow-up professional development programming for our graduates across Europe. Yad Vashem staff often organize seminars at Holocaust-related authentic memorial sites, and provide study tours as well as new educational resources. Here you can find more information about the initiatives of Yad Vashem seminar graduates and updates about upcoming programs.

Upcoming Seminars

Country Date
Austria Hohenems 31.3-2.4.2017
Germany Villa ten Hompel 31.3-2.4.2017
Czech Republic Terezín Memorial 17-20.2.2017
Austria The Hartheim Castle 26-28.2.2017
France Maison d'Izieu 16-19.7.2017
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