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Trenichina Svetlana, Ph. D., Russian Federation

Trenichina SvetlanaTrenichina Svetlana

Dr. Trenichina hails from Ekaterinburg, Russia. She is Deputy Director of Lyceum # 110 in Ekaterinburg, and a noted specialist of media education in the Sverdlovsk region. She holds degrees in Sociology and Law from Ural Universities, with a PhD in Sociology. She has initiated several innovative projects dealing with legal studies, civic studies and human rights such as “Open School”, “Students Rights”, “How to Create an Attractive School Image” at the Lyceum. She is in charge of monitoring and outreach of the Lyceum, including the school newspaper and website. Dr. Trenichina was recognized as one of Ekaterinburg’s ten best teachers for her creativity and innovational methods. She has presented extensively on her teaching methodology at conferences and at national pedagogical forums.

Svetlana participated in the educational project “Tolerance – The Path To Peace” in which Holocaust history played a central role. Her project on Teaching Holocaust is available as an educational resource on the Yad Vashem website.

Dr. Trenichina is a graduate of a Yad Vashem Seminar in 2008. Following this, she organized an international conference: “Tolerance – The Path To Peace” for educators of the Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, staffed by Yad Vashem educators.

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