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Patrizia Biagi

Patrizia Biagi, Italy

In August 2011 Patrizia Biagi took part in a Yad Vashem seminar. According to Biagi her experience at the Yad Vashem seminar was one of the most important experiences she has had in her professional life as well as her personal life.

After the seminar, Biagi created a project with her students aged 13-14 in her School (Di Primo Grado Secondary School in Vimercate, Italy) for January 27th 2012. Two other teachers from her school also took part in the project, Patrizia Songia, an art teacher, and Paola Stucchi an English teacher.

The lesson plan has close to 24 teaching hours; for the full lesson plan please click here.

The Posters

The posters which were made by the students highlight different aspects of the Holocaust; such as the danger of racism and the experience of the kinder transport.

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