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"Bookmarks of Memory"

Maria Carmela Grasso, Italy

Bookmarks of memory is a project developed by Maria Carmela Graso, a teacher from Ariano Irpinio, Italy and her thirteen year old pupils.

The pupils created special bookmarks, each carrying a story of a Holocaust survivor from Italy. The bookmarks are put in empty books, books with blank pages. The idea is that there are “no words” to describe what happened in the Holocaust. Our language fails to convey this event in history. Therefore, the objects “speak” instead of the words and evoke the memory as not to forget.

Ms. Grasso comments that indeed nothing can take away the pain and suffering but this initiative of the pupils reflects their will to remember and maybe here there is some solace.

Shlomo Venezia and his wife Marika Venezia (Kauffman) look at the bookmarks Shlomo Venezia and his wife Marika Venezia (Kauffman) look at the bookmarks

Shlomo Venezia is an Italian survivor from Auschwitz. He lived in Thessaloniki and was deported from Greece to Auschwitz in April 1944, where he lost his entire family.
In recent years, Shlomo gave his testimony in schools and accompanied many young people on their study trips to commemoration sites in Poland..
In 2007 Shlomo published the book, Sonderkommando Auschwitz, The Truth About the Gas Chambers (Sonderkommando Auschwitz, La verità sulla camere a gas?)
To the bookmarks, click here.

Andra and Tatiana BucciAndra and Tatiana Bucci

Andra and Tatiana Bucci are two Italian survivors from Auschwitz; they were deported from Italy in March 1944, when they were 4 and 6 years old.
Now they bear witness in order to commemorate.
To the bookmarks, click here.

Ida Marcheria looks at the bookmarkIda Marcheria looks at the bookmark

Ida and Stellina Marcheria were two Italian survivors from Auschwitz (Stellina is not alive anymore), deported from Trieste. They worked in the Kanada Kommando in Auschwitz-Birkenau.
In 2006 Ida together with Aldo Pavia and Antonella Tiburzi, published the book, I Shall Never Forgive (Non perdonerò mai).
To the bookmarks, click here.

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