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Echoes: Hearing the Voices of the Survivors

Echoes and Reflections Educator Video Toolboxes

On History and Fiction: An Interview With Melvin Jules Bukiet

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Interview with Alexander Bogen

“The youth is the eternal hope of happiness for humanity… and it keeps losing it again and again."

An interview with artist Yehuda Bacon

Book Reviews

Echoes: Hearing the Voices of the Survivors

Shalom and welcome to the 35th issue of Teaching the Legacy. Some months ago, we lost Elie Wiesel, survivor of Auschwitz, number A-7713, prolific author, Nobel laureate and the voice of many survivors. Elie Wiesel once said, “For whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness.” It is in this spirit that we present the current edition of Teaching the Legacy. Read more...

Echoes and Reflections: Hearing the Voices of the Victims

“By Chance I am still alive…”

Interview with Shela Altaraz

What's New at the International School for Holocaust Studies

  • New Videos on the Holocaust Education Video Toolbox

    New Videos on the Holocaust Education Video Toolbox: The Warsaw Ghetto Oyneg Shabbes Underground Archive
    During World War II, the clandestine Oyneg Shabbes archive operated in the Warsaw Ghetto, founded and overseen by historian and social-political activist, Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum. For the Holocaust Education Video Toolbox project, five videos were devoted to the voices of the archive members. The videos are based on their own writings, describing the historical and human events in the first person. The six archive members featured in these videos convey different perspectives from within Oyneg Shabbes, together creating a complex picture of the archive's activity, faced as it was with the impending fate of the Jews in Warsaw under Nazi rule.

  • Graduate Spotlight: Ms. Stella Kalle, from Greece

  • In late November 2016, a group of 27 Yad Vashem seminar graduates from all over the European Union traveled to Sered', Slovakia to take part in a professional development seminar. Sered' is one of the only authentic Holocaust-era sites in Slovakia, and a new memorial museum was inaugurated there in January 2016. Taking place under the banner of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, Yad Vashem coordinated the seminar in partnership with the Slovak government and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. In the course of the seminar, the graduates familiarized themselves with the history of the Holocaust in Slovakia, discussed opportunities and strategies for regional cooperation, and addressed contemporary challenges in Holocaust education. This is the second pan-European graduate seminar that Yad Vashem has organized in Europe, following the success of the pilot in Rome in December 2014.

  • A summer seminar for American teachers who use Echoes and Reflections will take place at Yad Vashem from July 10, 2017 to July 19, 2017 (an application form will be made available shortly on the Echoes & Reflections page). For more information, please contact Sheryl Ochayon.

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