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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Witnesses and Testimony – Special Interview Issue

“This Journey is the Most Significant Experience in My Life”

Interview with author Daniel Mendelsohn, author of “The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million”

"Tell Us What You See"

Interview with Professor Dori Laub

Witnesses and Testimony – Special Interview Issue

Shalom and welcome to the 34rd issue of Teaching the Legacy.
In the foreword to his last book, “The Drowned and the Saved”, Primo Levi refers to a dream that has become the nightmare of many prisoners: “[M]any survivors […] remember that the SS militiamen cynically enjoyed admonishing the prisoners: ‘However this war may end, we have won the war against you; none of you will be left to bear witness, but even if someone were to survive, the world would not believe him.' Strangely enough, this same thought […] arose in the form of nocturnal dreams produced by the prisoners’ despair.” Read more...

“If There Are Individuals and They Speak – Their Duty Is to Speak Not Only about Themselves”

Interview with Professor Israel Gutman

"What Has Been is Not What Will Be" - The educational significance of testimony in an age without survivors

Interview with Shulamit Imber

The Holocaust: An Introduction
(MOOC – Massive Open Online Course)

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