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Lodz: A Topography of Life and Death in the Ghetto 70 Years After Its Liquidation

Shalom and welcome to the 32nd issue of Teaching the Legacy.
This year marks 70 years since the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto. As such, we have dedicated this newsletter to life and death in that ghetto, 70 years after its liquidation. The Lodz ghetto was unique because it was one of the first ghettos to be established and it was created to be temporary, yet it existed longer than any other ghetto in Europe. It was the very last ghetto to be liquidated, in the summer of 1944. At that point, the Soviet Army had already liberated much of Poland. The ghetto was still supplying much-needed manpower for the German armaments and other industries. And yet, against all logic, the Nazis' antisemitic ideology trumped practicality, and the Germans wiped out a working ghetto that they had left alone and undisturbed for more than one and one-half years.

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Recommended Books

In this section, we feature some Holocaust-related literature that may be of interest to educators and the general public. A review of Nazi Germany: 1933-45, by Christopher Culpin and Steve Mastin
A review of With a Yellow Star and a Red Cross – A Doctor in the Lodz Ghetto, by Arnold Mostowicz

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Lodz: A Topography of Life and Death in the Ghetto 70 Years After Its Liquidation

Article – “'Full Of Hope And Despair, Full Of Stoical Resignation And, At The Same Time, Full Of Trusting Expectation': The Final Days of the Lodz Ghetto”

Article – “Coping With Reality: Two Teenage Poets in the Lodz Ghetto”

What’s New at Yad Vashem

Ceremony Posthumously Honoring Righteous Among the Nations from France

Mashiv Haruach. From Safed to Jerusalem - A Concert of Jewish Soul Music

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, a ceremony posthumously honoring Johann Karl Nürnberger from Germany as Righteous Among the Nations was held at Yad Vashem.

The 9th International Conference on Holocaust Education – Through Our Own Lens: Reflecting on the Holocaust from Generation to Generation

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