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Shalom and welcome to the 30th issue of Teaching the Legacy. This e-newsletter focuses on defiance and rebellion during the Holocaust.
When researching the ghettos and camps during the Holocaust, we begin to understand that there was always some form of Jewish protest or resistance to the German oppression. From escape to hiding, from mutual help efforts to educational and creative activities, from spiritual to armed resistance – all these acts embodied the relentless struggle of Jewish individuals and communities to counteract the restrictions and dangers raining down upon them. Resistance of various kinds also took place at forced labor camps, concentration camps, and extermination camps. Read more...

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Defiance and Rebellion During the Holocaust – Marking 70 Years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Righteous Among the Nations

Anton Schmid

This segment spotlights unique individuals who risked their lives in order to save Jews during the Holocaust.

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In this section, we feature some Holocaust-related literature that may be of interest to educators and the general public.
In this newsletter we feature Justyna's Narrative by Gusta Davidson Draenger.

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Defiance and Rebellion during the Holocaust

Marking 70 Years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

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Voices from the Inferno

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