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Search and Research: Lectures and Papers 17

Search and Research: Lectures and Papers 17

“…A Justification to the World and Israel?”
Holocaust Discourses in German TV: The Case of West Germany, with an Afterword on East Germany
Sabine Horn

The Auschwitz Trial was the first major West German hearing that dealt with crimes committed in concentration and extermination camps. The trial is regarded a milestone in the public debate of the Holocaust within West Germany, and its media coverage played a crucial role in this debate. The Majdanek Trial was the last of the major West German lawsuits that debated the crimes of National Socialism. Among the questions this article deals with: How the TV media presentation of Nazi crimes changed between the 1960s and early 1980s, utilizing a diachronic comparison of the West German TV coverage of these two trials? How the legal discourses on law and justice evolved? Which images of perpetrators and victims endured and which changed? NIS 36 NIS 28 Order from our Online Store.

Menachem & Fred

Menachem & Fred
Thoughts and Memories of Two Brothers

Frederick Raymes and Menachem Mayer
New edition (Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?)

Two young brothers born in Germany were deported with their family to France and held in a detention camp. Their parents were transferred to Rivesaltes. Two years later they were sent to Drancy and from there to Auschwitz. The brothers were shuffled between orphanages in France and Switzerland, and eventually they were separated. After the war Fred made his way to the United States, and Menachem came to Israel. The film based on this book was awarded “Most Inspirational Movie of the Year Award”, at the “Cinema for Peace”, Berlin 2009. NIS 74 NIS 58 Order from our Online Store.

The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations

The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations
Rescuers of Jews during the Holocauste

Yisrael Gutman, editor-in-chief

Yad Vashem's ambitious documentary project on the Righteous Among the Nations during the Holocaust now includes a total of seven titles in ten volumes – Belgium, France, Holland (2 volumes), Poland (2 volumes), Europe (part 1) and Other Countries, Europe (part II), and two Supplementary volumes, 2000-2005.

The volume Europe (Part I) and Other Countries covers: Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA.

The volume Europe (Part II) covers: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia.

The volume on France appears as a separate French-language edition, with a foreword by former President Jacques Chirac, with additional volumes in Italian, in German, in Polish, and in Hungarian.

Each entry includes descriptions of the original contact; aid extended; dangers and risks faced by rescuer at the time; availability of evidence from the rescued persons; and other relevant data authenticating each unique story.

NIS 174 NIS 128 each volume
40% discount for purchase of entire series (10 volumes): NIS 1,740 NIS 1,044

Portugal, Salazar, and the Jews

Portugal, Salazar, and the Jews

Avraham Milgram

The racial persecution and condemnation of Jews in Europe during the 1930s occurred in an anti-liberal atmosphere, disillusioned with democracy and yearning for strong leadership. Portugal, which saw everything from the privileged position of a neutral country, was not immune to the moral and ethical challenge raised by the events in Europe, and its relationship with the persecuted Jews was ambivalent. Based on wide range documentation, this pioneering historical research rigorously examines the main protagonists in this drama: Salazar, the dictator of Portugal; his police (PVDE); the Portuguese political and social elite; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the leaders of the Jewish community of Lisbon; the refugees; and more. NIS 174 NIS 128 Order from our Online Store.

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