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Remember: My Stories of Survival and Beyond

Remember: My Stories of Survival and Beyond

Marcel Tuchman
In association with the Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs Project

Tuchman recounts dramatic tales of his often brutal, always compelling personal experiences as a youth in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust and in its aftermath. The story carries us from the Przemyśl ghetto and slave labor in the Auschwitz death camp to his experiences attending university in post-war Germany, filled with characters both good and evil, and some even heroic, all of whom played a role in his survival. These are tales that cannot be told often enough, as every voice in them adds a necessary thread to the fabric of one of history's most horrific events.

"Dr. Marcel Tuchman's memoir is simultaneously a chronicle of despicable savagery and miraculous survival... It is also a tale of heroic self-sacrifice and indomitable spirit for survival... Finally, there is renewal of life that followed liberation…” [Abraham L. Gitlow, Professor and Dean Emeritus, New York University]

"Every now and then, a book echoes the deepest chords of our shared humanity. I read Dr. Marcel Tuchman's remarkable story of enduring through the Holocaust as a tale of the triumph of the human spirit under conditions of unimaginable suffering... and what incredible odds Dr. Tuchman encountered and overcame!" [Daniel Yankelovich, Cofounder and President of Public Agenda]

"Dr. Tuchman's memoir is about Hell and its vestibule, but unlike Dante's, it is about the living, not the dead, on their way to an unearned fate.” [Bernard S. Solomon, Professor Emeritus, Classical and Oriental Languages, Queens College] NIS 74.00 Order from our Online Store

A Pedigreed Jew

A Pedigreed Jew
Between There and Here – Kovno and Israel

Safira Rapoport

This is a "Second Generation" story of a daughter, who sets out on a journey tracing her mother's footsteps in Europe. Her story reveals to us the great extent to which the lives of children of survivors were fashioned in the shadow of the Holocaust.

Nechama Baruchson, a native of Kovno, was a company commander of the underground movement ABZ (Covenant of Zion) in the Kovno ghetto. After the loss of her mother and the destruction of the ghetto, Nechama was taken to the Stutthof Concentration Camp from which she eventually left on the Death March. Owing to her resourcefulness and courage, she managed to escape from the rows of prisoners, joined the Brichah organization, and ultimately immigrated to the country of her yearnings, Israel.

Fifty years after the Holocaust, her Sabra daughter, Safira, leaves her home in Jerusalem and returns to the “There” that remains of Kovno. With the aim of discovering her grandmother's fate and lighting a memorial candle on the murder site, Safira journeys through all of the places noted in her mother’s memoirs. The "There" and "Here" merge into one in this unique book. NIS 74

Yad Vashem Studies

Yad Vashem Studies, Vol. 38 [2]

Dr. David Silberklang

Yad Vashem Studies, volume 38, number 2, features five research articles and three review articles by an international array of scholars. Four of the research articles (Eliezer Schwartz, Stefan Lehnstaedt, Albert Kaganovitch, Jan Láníček) look at the interactions between the periphery and the center in addressing policy toward Jews during the Holocaust, whether among the Germans, or among authorities in the Allied countries. What emerges from these four articles is the extent of the impact of the concerns and interests of local officials on the actions of their governments in relation to the Jews. Alongside these questions, the very nature of how to approach this history and understand it in the larger context is the subject of the fifth research article (Guy Miron) as well as the review articles (Yehuda Bauer, Ingo Loose, Andrew Apostolou).

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Eliezer Schwartz
    The Role of IG Farben-Auschwitz in the Construction of the Birkenau Extermination Camp
  • Stephan Lehnstaedt
    Jewish Labor in the Smaller Ghettos in the Warthegau Region
  • Albert Kaganovitch
    Jewish Refugees and Soviet Authorities during World War II
  • Jan Láníček
    The Czechoslovak Service of the BBC and the Jews during World War II
  • Guy Miron
    Bridging the Divide: Holocaust versus Jewish History Research – Problems and Challenges
  • Reviews:
    • Yehuda Bauer, "Soviet Partisans and the Jews"
      Bogdan Musial, Sowjetische Partisanen: Mythos und Wirklichkeit
    • Andrew Apostolou, "When Did Greek Jews Become Greek?"
      Katherine E. Fleming, Greece: A Jewish History
    • Ingo Loose, "Plunder by Decree"
      Martin Dean, Robbing the Jews: The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933-1945
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