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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Jews of Ioannina – A Teacher’s Guide

Slides By Liz Elsby
Introduction By Yael Weinstock

Interactive Display of Artemis Batis's familyClick on the photo to open an interactive display of the Batis-Batish and Levy families at a wedding in Ioannina, ca. 1937

The following set of slides (as a PDF) is based on photographs and quotations from Artemis Miron about her family and her childhood in Ioannina, Greece. They are tools that can be used in the classroom for an introduction to the Jewish community of Ioannina and then to tell the story of their destruction in the Holocaust. Along with the interview with Artemis, including an interactive photograph of the family wedding in Ioannina (replicated on this page), an educator has many resources at his/her fingertips that can be used to discuss this unique Jewish community and their fate at the hands of the Nazis. Following Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy, this slide presentation gives a face to the story, an actual family that students can “meet” and “hear” from.

Click here to open the slides (PDF, 815KB) in a new window (or right-click the link to download the PDF to your computer).

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