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Search and Research 13

Search and Research 13 – Rescue for Money: Paid Helpers in Poland, 1939-1945

Jan Grabowski

Jan Grabowski describes "the very risky, but also very profitable enterprise" of hiding Jews during the Holocaust in Poland. The current study discusses sheltering Jews in exchange for money as an attempt to act normally in an abnormal situation; those who took money and turned on their "guests" when the money ran out; methodology of help; denunciations; the price and extent of help; and specific court cases.

Path of Hope

Path of Hope

Menachem Katz

"'These are the last minutes of your short life. A few weeks ago you turned 18, and now you have to die,' I thought. 'No!' Everything in me rebelled."

Menachem Katz relates his escape from the mowing down of the last Jews of Brzeżany at the cemetery in 1943 through his experiences hiding in a bunker with seven other people. He describes life in hiding in detail, as well as the relationship with a family of Poles who assisted them in survival, only to have their father murdered by Ukrainian nationalists.

Yad Vashem Studies 36/1

Yad Vashem Studies 36/1

Edited by David Silberklang

The articles in this volume address the themes of Nazi anti-Jewish policy and postwar confrontations with the Holocaust. Written in memory of two important Holocaust scholars, Leni Yahil and Jean Ancel, this collection of pieces includes work on the development of the "Final Solution." The issue contains two book reviews, plus articles that examine subjects such as war crimes trials and rebuilding lives in the DP camps.

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